Toledo Two – Madrid #6.

Hello again and welcome to my latest little contribution to the blogosphere or whatever it is called. I am rather enjoying it here it present and with London suffering it’s strictest ever restrictions due to the pandemic I really do need something to do.

I’ll just get my usual little preamble out of the way here for non-regular readers who may have arrived here by whatever quirk the search engine spirits may have decided to throw at you. This post is one of a series describing a short trip I took to Madrid in November 2013 and it will make more sense if you start at the beginning of the account which you can do here.

To give you a little precis of what awaits you if you are kind or curious enough to click the “read more” button below, this entry consists of a short walk, two old buildings, four bars and ham, egg and chips. I know it doesn’t sound like much but, believe me, there is plenty in it.

Shall we go?

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Day 2, Part 2 – Madrid #4.

Hello yet again, my usual greeting to one and all and thanks for all the views, comments etc. They are very much appreciated even if they still never fail to surprise me.

Also, I am going to make my usual suggestion to any new readers. This piece will make more sense if you start at the beginning of the series which you can do here. For the rest of you, well I am sure you know how to use the “read more” button by now.

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Fine meal, failed flight and finally home – Madeira #7.

Welcome back and now that I have got the bit between my teeth it seems we are whizzing through Madeira at a fair old rate of knots which I think is an appropriate metaphor considering the amount of time I have spent speaking about Funchal harbour recently. We are up to Day 13 now and I hope it is not unlucky for me. It is already unlucky for you as you have bounced, one way or another, onto this page but I shall try to make it as painless as possible.

Usual rules apply, just click on the “read more” button if you are really such a glutton for punishment that you wish to read more of this nonsense.

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Kombis, cakes and quarts of beer – Madeira #6.

Well, hello again and, if you have been mad enough to follow my lunatic ramblings (why do you think I called this blog Fergysrambles?) you will know that you are riding ever closer to the end where I get on my Norwegian Airways flight and get home to leave you alone until I decide what other trip I am going to bore you with.

We are up to Day 12 now and I have finally got round to dragging myself out of my favourite (snack )bar, and you won’t believe it, but we are going walking again today if you can stand this sudden burst of exertion. Usual drill, if you want to go for a walk with me just click on the “read more” button and we’ll get going.

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Is Christmas really coming? – Madeira #5.

Good day one and all and welcome back. I do hope the New Year hangovers are long gone and you have returned to whatever form of normality is possible wherever you may be.

We are definitely plodding slowly but surely towards the conclusion of my little expedition to Madeira and I do even get out and about in this episode so if you want to read about it, you know what to do.

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I actually do something! – Madeira #4.

Hello again, dear readers and welcome to another missive in a series which is frankly not my finest hour. I do, however, hate leaving a job unfinished and so I shall soldier on until I eventually get on the Norwegian Airways ‘plane back to UK which will probably be at least as much of a relief to me as it is to you.

If you are an absolute glutton for punishment you know what to do, just click on the “read more” button below and all shall be revealed.

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No cake and no wine – Madeira #2.

A very warm welcome one and all to the latest offering in my little series about a fortnight break I took in early December 2015 to han out with my dear mate Claus Andersen in Madeira where he was guiding a tour party. If you have landed on this page then please go to the bottom of this entry and go to the previous entry as it will make more sense.

In that post I had travelled from London to Funchal without incident, met up with Claus, checked into my rather comfortable apartment with the great views and had a very brief nocturnal wander which had made me keen to explore a little more. As usual, please click on the “read more” button and we shall see what transpires.

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Cycling the Cut – the Newry Canal.

Hello again and thanks for checking out my blog as always.

Regular readers will know that I have just finished a lengthy piece (18 posts) about a little expedition I made as a series of day walks in 2013 / 2014 around the London LOOP Long Distance Path which circumnavigates my adopted home city. If you have not read it and wish to do so it begins here.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing it up but it took literally months and so I have decided to do a few shorter pieces whilst I decide on my next major writing project. There are a few options for this including three lengthy trips to Canada, three to Sri Lanka, a couple of trips round Northern Ireland and Scotland and several others. As always, if you have any preference as to which you would like to read about, please let me know.

So far on this blog I have back-dated everything to the relevant time in order to keep things tidy but this has the disadvantage of instantly “burying” the posts away down the order of the blog and so for these few small entries I shall post them immediately with a note as to the date they happened and see what transpires. It may work out easier, I just need to try it out. OK, how many times do I have to tell you? I am rubbish at technology and I don’t see it getting any better at my time of life.

If you want to see what I have in store for this post, you know what to do, just click on the “read more” button and hopefully I’ll see you there.

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Lock-Down diaries #11. Legs 11 (plus One)!

Royal London Hospital


Hello again to all of you and it is good to be back. The day I posted my “comeback” entry after my three month hiatus I had no less than 102 visitors from 15 countries which does not sound terribly impressive when some people get thousands of views­ per hour but it is easily my biggest daily total ever so thanks to each and every one of you.­­­­ I was pretty amazed when I checked the morning after, indeed my flabber has never been go gasted or should that be my gast has never been so flabbered, who knows? Who cares?

A quick word of explanation as to the title here. I originally composed the majority of this piece a very long time ago and it was destined to be Lock-down Dairies #11 but my last effort has rendered it #12 which ordinarily would not be a problem except that the first dozen or so paragraphs refer to the game of bingo which took me hours to research and I am damned if I am going to let them go to waste!

If you wish to know what a bingo call has to do with my health situation as of July 2020 you know what to do, just click the “read more” button below and you’ll be most welcome.
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Lockdown Diaries #11.

Hello again everyone, and as usual I shall start with an apology and some thanks.

Apologies that it has been three months and more since I wrote anything here and if you are in the slightest bit interested in what I have been up to, which quite frankly amounts to absolutely nothing, then click on the “read more” button and I’ll tell you. The thanks are due to the decent amount of people who, for reasons which are still a complete mystery to me, still visit my pages even though nothing has happened on them. Please feel free to step inside if you want an update.

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