Lovely, lovely Lunenburg (1).

Good day to you and my usual welcome to the latest offering in my series about my 2014 trip to the Maritime Provinces which, should you so wish, you can read from the start here. I was having a great time rambling about with my dear friend Lynne in a 33-year-old campervan / RV which we had named Betsy.

I could not believe that I awoke on the morning of the 28th June in the Lunenburg Municipal campground but that is what happened. I was finding it hard to believe that we had only been on the road for eight nights as we had already seen and done so much it seemed like it must be longer. We had already decided to stay here again that night so if you want to discover what happened then please read on.

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I’m loving the Lighthouse Route.

Welcome once again to the latest instalment in the story of my trip round the Maritime Provinces of Canada in summer 2014 in an ancient campervan called Betsy with my dear friend Lynne. If you wish to read it from the start, here is a link for you.

If you have read my previous ramblings you will know that we had spent the 26th June driving in fairly torrential rain and retreating earlier than was our habit to the Lockeport Cottages and Campground in Nova Scotia, then spending the night listening to the afore-mention rain beating on the roof of the van.

A look out the window next morning made me regret not packing Wellington boots as the site resembled a small lake. If you want to find out what happened next, please read on.

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