The end of the road (for now).

Hello again everyone and welcome to the 36th and, I promise you, last post in this series. I do dislike using the term “last post” because of it’s sombre military connotations but, as I woke this particular morning for the first time in nearly six weeks in a bed that wasn’t on wheels, I was feeling a little sombre.

If for some reason you wish to read the previous 35 posts and find out exactly what I had been up to on this trip to the Maritime Provinces of Canada with my dear friend Lynne then you can do so here.

If you are all caught up, or even if you are not, and wish to know what happens next then please read on.

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Here we go again!

Hello one and all and welcome to my latest little escapade here in the blogosphere, as I believe it is called by those who know about such things, which is my attempt to keep myself from going even further insane during this pandemic.

Apart from that very valid reason, I have explained in my previous post several others why I chose this particular trip instead of a number of different adventures I could have written about but we are off to Canada as you have probably guessed from the image above.

Canada is a vast country, just shy of 10 million km² so I’ll narrow it down for you. This little ramble is to what are called the Maritime Provinces (guess why!) of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island or NS, NB and PEI as Canadians refer to them when writing.

If you fancy six weeks in that stunningly beautiful part of the world then please read on.

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