Menus and Museums – SL#43.

Good day and a very warm welcome again to another post in the series dedicated to my trip to Sri Lanka in January – April 2014 which has become quite extensive as you can see. Should you wish to read the entire piece from the beginning, you can do so here.

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Banged up in Bogambara – SL#41.

Hello once more and a welcome as always to another post in this series about my three month trip to the fantastic country of Sri Lanka between January and April 2014. Obviously in that period of time I got to see and do quite a lot and if you want to read about the whole trip from the beginning you can do so here.

Regular readers will know that I left you in Kandy last time after a fairly extensive day’s sightseeing so I spent the 25th March just hanging about my hotel, drinking beer, chatting to the owner and the cook who were quickly becoming good friends and generally relaxing.

The one productive thing I did was to arrange a day out with my friend Jo for the next day where we planned a special excursion and if you want to know what it was then please read on.

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