Going back to my roots.

This is a series of entries relating to a trip I am currently making in Northern Ireland, the country of my birth more years ago than I care to remember.  It began on the 1st June 2018 and was meant to last a week but it has been extended indefinitely for reasons I shall explain in the various entries.


I am still finding my way on this new site of mine and have no friendly staffers or fellow members to call on as I did on a couple of other commercial sites I wrote for.  I may well be doing everything wrong but I’ll persevere.  I have adopted a policy of “back publishing” every entry to the day it refers to as it will all become very disjointed otherwise particularly as I have very limited internet access at present and will be publishing several entries at once.  I shall attempt to link each entry sequentially if I ever work out how to in an attempt to make it vaguely sensible for the reader but please bear with me if it all requires some effort to read.


I am astounded and hugely grateful to the people who already follow these meagre offerings and it genuinely does make all my hours at the keyboard worthwhile.


Please do have a read and feel free to tell anyone you think may have the slightest interest in my ramblings both physical and verbal.  I cannot quite believe I am self-promoting in this way as it is really not my style.  Thanks again.

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