Lock-Down diaries #11. Legs 11 (plus One)!

Royal London Hospital


Hello again to all of you and it is good to be back. The day I posted my “comeback” entry after my three month hiatus I had no less than 102 visitors from 15 countries which does not sound terribly impressive when some people get thousands of views­ per hour but it is easily my biggest daily total ever so thanks to each and every one of you.­­­­ I was pretty amazed when I checked the morning after, indeed my flabber has never been go gasted or should that be my gast has never been so flabbered, who knows? Who cares?

A quick word of explanation as to the title here. I originally composed the majority of this piece a very long time ago and it was destined to be Lock-down Dairies #11 but my last effort has rendered it #12 which ordinarily would not be a problem except that the first dozen or so paragraphs refer to the game of bingo which took me hours to research and I am damned if I am going to let them go to waste!

If you wish to know what a bingo call has to do with my health situation as of July 2020 you know what to do, just click the “read more” button below and you’ll be most welcome.
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Lockdown Diaries #11.

Hello again everyone, and as usual I shall start with an apology and some thanks.

Apologies that it has been three months and more since I wrote anything here and if you are in the slightest bit interested in what I have been up to, which quite frankly amounts to absolutely nothing, then click on the “read more” button and I’ll tell you. The thanks are due to the decent amount of people who, for reasons which are still a complete mystery to me, still visit my pages even though nothing has happened on them. Please feel free to step inside if you want an update.

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Lock-down diaries #5.

Hello once again, you lovely people and welcome as always to my miscellany of multifarious madness which will follow it’s usual totally random course until I either drop from exhaustion or am satisfied I have wrung every piece of trivia out of my travels and the internet and every nugget of strange thinking out of my admittedly odd brain. If you feel you have the patience to put up with such an excursion then please press the “read more” button.
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Lock-down Diaries #3.

Hello again, dear readers and welcome back to the diaries. This one is nominally dated 25th May, 2020 although, based on the admittedly small control sample so far published, it will probably see the light of day about July!

You may remember that these entries are intended as a bit of light relief for the reader and a means of preserving my rapidly diminishing sanity whilst incarcerated in my flat as the weather gets better and the days longer. These are ideal walking conditions and I really want to get back on the trail again.  If you want to see what idiocies I come up with today then please press the “read more” button and we’ll have a bit of a peregrination (I love that word).
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Lock-down Diaries #1

What’s all this about?

Hello there and welcome to a post which is probably going to make me hate myself, I just hope it doesn’t have the same effect on you.  By way of keeping  the site tidy, I am going to put a read more link here so please do as I am going to try something completely new.

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Building works, Beckton and a bloody bad back – Jubilee Greenway 7.

Hello once again and welcome to a somewhat ridiculous seventh day of walking the Jubilee Greenway which, considering it is only 35 miles long is pretty poor going but it was only ever intended as a means of getting a bit of exercise whilst I was fairly well grounded due to a succession of hospital appointments. If you haven’t read my previous posts about this jaunt then you may wish to start here. If you have read them, I thank you and let’s go for another walk.
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Suffragettes and spooks, Shakespeare and ships – Jubilee Greenway 4.

Hello again and welcome to the fourth instalment of my walk along the Jubilee Greenway , a 60km. footpath in London which was constructed from existing rights of way to celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 even if it was hijacked by being linked to the London Olympics of that year. If you haven’t read my previous entries, you can start here.
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London’s green lung – Jubilee Greenway 3.

Good day to you and welcome to the third day of my walk along the Jubilee Greenway in reasonably central London which I had come upon more or less by accident on Day 1, managed to wander off on an interesting diversion on Day 2 and had determined myself to regain and continue on Day 3.
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Greenway or Grand Union ? – Jubilee Greenway 2.

Hello again and welcome to the second day of a walk I undertook in early January 2020 which began in the previous entry and, if you have not read it yet, I respectfully suggest that you click back one page (use the button at the bottom of the page) as it will give you an idea of what I was at plus which I could use the traffic for the site! Continue reading “Greenway or Grand Union ? – Jubilee Greenway 2.”

A Saturday stroll goes large – Jubilee Greenway 1.

It all started with a bit of a Saturday stroll and by the time the light was fading on an early January afternoon it had metamorphosed into a new project. As with so many of my little excursions it was unplanned but that is the way I like to do things. Let me tell you about it. Continue reading “A Saturday stroll goes large – Jubilee Greenway 1.”