So where to next? Rotterdam maybe?

10th April and so I was already a bit past my vaguely considered return date but I just didn’t feel like going home. I had my debit cards, some cash and my passport. I had just about enough clothes to keep me going for a couple more days (this will prove to be critical later on) but it was all just becoming a little bit strange and I could see another one of my lunacies looming large on the horizon. I just wanted to keep moving and I was going to move this day. I am sure there are those amongst my admittedly limited numbers of readers that will understand. Continue reading “So where to next? Rotterdam maybe?”

A wasted day in Den Haag? Not at all.

A tasty if slightly unusual breakfast.

The morning of the 9th April dawned as the previous day, bright but very chilly as I was to discover pretty quickly on my jaunt outside for my early morning cigarette. After a very decent breakfast of scrambled eggs, frankfurters and bread and chickpeas (what is that all about?) it was time for another wander and what was to prove to be another abortive attempt to make it into the centre of town which it seemed was more difficult than it appeared. Continue reading “A wasted day in Den Haag? Not at all.”

Den Haag? The Hague? Who cares?

I awoke on the morning of the 8th April at what is a ludicrously early hour for me and down to the basement level for what turned out to be an excellent breakfast which, again, is a remarkable occurrence in itself as I have already mentioned that it is a meal I rarely take although I did rather enjoy it. So, what to do with the day? Absolutely no clue as I had no idea that I was going to be there until shortly before I travelled from Leiden. Let’s just see how it pans out and it actually panned out pretty interestingly as I hope my fairly amateur blogging here will demonstrate. Continue reading “Den Haag? The Hague? Who cares?”

On my own again and off to Den Haag (or the Hague if you prefer).

The morning of the 7th April dawned and my friend was off ridiculously early to work and going straight from there to Schipol airport.  I was on my own and so what to do? She had asked me the previous night what my plans were and I replied in all honesty that I had no idea. I really didn’t. Continue reading “On my own again and off to Den Haag (or the Hague if you prefer).”