This may or may not work.

Again, I am going to take a bit of a leap into the unknown here and try to post a gallery of images.  On my wander round Metz on my last day there I went a bit crazy with the camera and took far more images than it seemed prudent to fit into the main blog entry for the day as I do value your scrolling fingers, dear readers.  I have seen a gallery function here so I am going to try to do just that and see how it goes. Continue reading “This may or may not work.”

Metz? Let’s!

The 26th was planned for another move, this time to Nancy but yet again I had checked the train timetables and found them to be frequent and running late in the evening and so I negotiated with my charming landlady to deposit my case with her as I went for another ramble round Metz. Continue reading “Metz? Let’s!”

New country, new city.

I awoke on the 25th April very well rested in my most beautiful studio flat so first let me tell you about this outstanding accommodation and it’s slightly unusual name.

I had only booked the Studette du Graoully through a website the day previous to my arrival and through a series of emails I knew that I would not be able to gain entrance to the premises until about 1600 the afternoon I got there but that was not a problem as I described in the previous instalment. Continue reading “New country, new city.”

Busy, busy, busy and moving on again.



The end of the line.

Those hardy souls who may have been slogging their way through this journal will know that I was fairly much “confined to barracks” on Sunday 23rd April due to a serious equipment failure with my sole (pun absolutely intended) pair of boots which had fairly well restricted my mobility and so the first order of business on the Monday morning was to get myself re-shod. I had seen a shop nearby which seemed to sell just about everything including discounted footwear and so I made straight for that. Continue reading “Busy, busy, busy and moving on again.”