Cricket craziness and winding down – SL#46.

Hello once more and welcome to the next post in the tale of my 2014 trip to Sri Lanka, the first of several to a country I am now completely in love with to the extent that I had seriously considered retiring there before the current unecessary pandemic ended the world as we knew it.

After three months of travelling there and nearly two months of writing about it here my journey, in both respects, was sadly approaching it’s end but there are still one or two things left to see. If you want to find out what they might be, then please read on. If you want the whole story, please start here.

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I finally get on the road – SL#12.

Hello again one and all and welcome to the 12th portion of what is going to turn into a body of writing to rival any of the Norse sagas, not in quality it goes without saying, but in sheer volume. Regular readers will know I have a propensity towards verbosity and if that is not a good title for a song I don’t know what is!

22nd January, 2014.

Yes, as I promised in my last missive here, I was going to get on the move today and so could not lie in bed half the day as is my wont but why I had to rise at 0620 is a complete mystery to me. I know this because of my images but I shall spare you yet another one of my lovely bathroom at that hour!

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Doing nothing and yet doing something – SL#11.

Welcome again and good day to one and all once again. Perhaps I should say добър ден, 良い一日, хороший день or even o zi buna and I have not just picked those at random from my online translator. People who speak all these languages have read this latest series of mine and I have to say I am amazed at the reception it has had so thanks once again.

I suppose I should learn how to say sorry in about 20 languages as I need to apologise for my constantly repeated advice to new readers to go to this page if they want to read the whole piece from the start.

Right that’s that done so let’s get back to where we left off last time.

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Fergy’s taking us to the Zoo tomorrow (today) – SL#10.

Well, well, take a look at this. It appears I am now into double figures for posts in this (not so) little series about my three month trip to Sri Lanka in the early part of 2014. I am only on the tenth day of the 90 on my visa so I can see a long haul ahead although the writing so far has only taken me six days and where I am getting this sudden attack of productivity from is anybody’s guess. At this rate, if I can maintain it, I should be finished by about April 2020 but I’m not promising anything.

You can read the whole story from the beginning if you have not already done so although I know some of my “regulars” are courageously slogging their way through.

If you have read the previous entries you will know that “yesterday” in real time I had gone on a bit of a tourist frenzy in central Colombo so it was likely I was going to have a quieter day “today” and so it was to prove. If you want to find out about it, please read on.

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Colombo calling 4 – SL#9.

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me………. No, it is not my birthday, that was months ago but I just got a message from WordPress telling me I registered this site four years ago today and I really cannot imagine where the time has gone, it has absolutely flown. I am completely astounded that I have not managed to inadvertently delete the whole site by now, it is always a possibility where I am concerned.

Back to the business in hand which is my series of posts about my first trip to Sri Lanka in early 2014 which lasted three months.

In the last instalment I had broken off halfway through the day of the 17th January in an attempt to keep the entries vaguely tidy. If you want to read the first part of the day go to the bottom of this page and click the “Previous post” button. Better still you can read from the start of the trip here.

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Colombo calling 3 – SL#8.

Hello again and warm greetings to one and all in this the latest edition of a series of posts about my first visit to Sri Lanka between January and April 2014 and much of which was originally written up on a now sadly shut down website called Virtual Tourist.

If you have been reading these pieces from the beginning you will know that some of the text comes from reviews aka tips which I had written there and managed to salvage before VT was destroyed. I shall indicate where this is the case. The rest is being written in January 2021 when it is illegal for me to leave my home except for some very specific reasons due the the virus pandemic currently devastating the world.

My blogging is in large part an attempt to retain my last vestiges of sanity under these circumstances and if you wish to read this particular series from the beginning, you can do so here.

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Special offer, 3 for 1 – SL#7.

Good day, Bienvenue, Guten tag, Goeie dag or even يوم جيد or
美好的一天 and don’t you just love online translation sites? In whatever language you choose welcome to the seventh instalment of a series regarding my first trip to Sri Lanka in early 2014.

For the benefit of new readers to my pages, and probably to the intense annoyance of my regular readers who I seem to be gathering a few of so thanks, I am going to give my normal word of advice here. The whole story will make a lot more sense if you read from the beginning which you can do here.

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Colombo calling 2 – SL#6.

Welcome as always one and all to the second part of my day out in Colombo on Monday, 13th January 2014 which I decided to break halfway as it was getting a but cumbersome due to my apparently incurable verbosity. As you can see this is already the sixth post in a series which has only thus far covered five days of a three month trip to Sri Lanka.

I think that writing this up is going to be a bit of a lengthy process but at present, like so many others around the world, I have absolutely nothing else to do. I am under the strictest house arrest conditions yet imposed in an apparently vain attempt to halt the pandemic that has now mutated in the UK and is wreaking absolute havoc. I am quite glad to have something to keep me occupied.

There are a couple of options for the reader if they have just arrived at this page other than reading through the earlier entries. If you want to read the whole trip from the beginning then it begins here, or if you just want to read about today you can do so on this page.

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Colombo calling 1 – SL#5.

Greetings to one and all and I do hope you are enjoying may latest series of entries about my first trip to Sri Lanka in the early part of 2014 which is the optimum time of year to visit that wonderful country. It supposedly does not rain much then although I have seen some heroic thunderstorms in January and February but, shall we say, it rains less than in June or July which are just usually completely washed out.

A quick word here, as always. This post will make more sense if you read from the start which you can do here.

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Baggage, Boswell, building, biryani and beer – SL#3

Weclome back one and all to the third instalment of my trip to Sri Lanka in early 2014 and my usual link to the first page of the series if you wish to start from the beginning.

If you haven’t read the previous pieces I should tell you that I had made it to Colombo but my luggage had not and so I only had the clothes I had travelled in which had been completely soaked in a downpour the previous evening and were currently spread out on the floor supposedly drying although that was going to take a while in an air-con room where the windows did not open.

If you want to know what happened next, please read on.

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