The end of the road (for now).

Hello again everyone and welcome to the 36th and, I promise you, last post in this series. I do dislike using the term “last post” because of it’s sombre military connotations but, as I woke this particular morning for the first time in nearly six weeks in a bed that wasn’t on wheels, I was feeling a little sombre.

If for some reason you wish to read the previous 35 posts and find out exactly what I had been up to on this trip to the Maritime Provinces of Canada with my dear friend Lynne then you can do so here.

If you are all caught up, or even if you are not, and wish to know what happens next then please read on.

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Hanging out in Halifax (2).

Hello once again and welcome to the latest in a series of posts concerning my Summer 2014 trip to the Maritime Provinces of Canada where I was on a road trip with my dear friend Lynne in a 33-year-old campervan which we called Betsy for some reason. It’s as good a name as any I suppose.

As usual I will start by saying that if you want to read the story from the beginning, then you can do so here.

Regular readers will know that when I left you last time we were in the excellent Shubie Campground in Dartmouth which is part of the Halifax Regional Municipality (what a mouthful) and had enjoyed a wonderful day of sightseeing in that fine city but we knew there was still much more to see and so another day was called for there.

If you’d like to see what we got up to then please read on.

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There’s a hurricane a-comin’.

Hello again everyone and welcome to this post, one of a series about a 2014 trip to the Maritime Provinces of Canada which consisted mostly of a road trip with my dear friend Lynne in Betsy, the very old but extremely loveable campervan / RV. As always I shall start off by informing the reader that if they wish to read the entire story they can begin it here.

If you have read the post before you will know that the previous evening we had attended the excellent military tattoo in Halifax, Nova Scotia and had consumed perhaps a little too much alcohol afterwards so we did not rise too early on the morning of the 3rd of July. If you want to know what happened next (or didn’t) then please read on.

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A brilliant night out.


Good day to you dear reader, whether you be here for the first time or are one of regular band of readers / correspondents who for some inexplicable reason keep reading my ramblings about my ramblings.

The particular rambling in this post concerns a ramble (enough rambling – Ed.) I had in the Maritime States of Canada in 2014 with my dear friend Lynne in a 33-year-old campervan / RV that we had rather whimsically named Betsy. If you wish to read the whole story from the beginning, which I find useful in most things, then you may do so here.

If you are all caught up you will know that on the evening of the 1st of July we had driven up from Lunenburg to the Nova Scotian capital of Halifax and then proceeded to drive straight through it without stopping, which seems an odd thing to do. The reason was that we were staying just across the Sound in Dartmouth at the very pleasant Shubie Campground which we were going to use as a base for a couple of days so if you want to see what happened next then please read on.

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Sadly, it is home time again.

Despite the slight excess (I stress slight as it was in my terms) of the previous day I was up early as I had to vacate my room because this was to be the last day of my trip and I had an evening train booked back to London. I asked the young lady in the bar if it would be possible to leave my kit there rather than lug it around and she very kindly agreed to stow it for me. I should mention at this point whilst researching for this small series of blogs that I read, admittedly on the rather good Calderdale Tourist website in the interest of fair reporting, that people round here are very friendly and I cannot find any fault with that statement. Continue reading “Sadly, it is home time again.”

Happy in Halifax (and the other place).

The impressive Dean Clough complex.

Let’s explore the home base.

I woke relatively early on the 9th after great night’s sleep and headed out for my last full day in West Yorkshire. I had decided that I had not really explored much of Halifax yet and I even had a vague plan if I could ever be said to have a plan but today I wanted to visit the local military museum and an art gallery. Yes, Fergy was going to actually get bit of culture for a change odd as that may sound. Aimless wandering is normally the order of the day but at least I had a vague notion of which direction to head on this not overly warm day although at least it was not raining. Continue reading “Happy in Halifax (and the other place).”

I get to the other Halifax.

A word of explanation.

For those of you who may have stumbled upon this page accidentally, perhaps searching for information about leisure activities in Yorkshire, specifically in respect of canals, I offer a quick word of explanation here.

Virtually all of the content on the following pages was saved against the best efforts of an evil corporate entity who bought over a great website that I wrote for for 12 years and who are Hell-bent on being the only travel site online and will stop at nothing to do it. As this is my site and the content is meant to be in a more narrative style I shall attempt to edit as appropriate but I make no apologies for the fact that some paragraphs may read like reviews which is what they were originally written as. Certainly, at time of re-writing this here in November 2018 I am sure much of the information is out of date. I have attempted to verify if places mentioned are still functioning and will indicate where not but this is mostly a personal remembrance of a wonderful trip undertaken with great friends in the early Autumn of 2015. Continue reading “I get to the other Halifax.”