Hanging out in Halifax (2).

Hello once again and welcome to the latest in a series of posts concerning my Summer 2014 trip to the Maritime Provinces of Canada where I was on a road trip with my dear friend Lynne in a 33-year-old campervan which we called Betsy for some reason. It’s as good a name as any I suppose.

As usual I will start by saying that if you want to read the story from the beginning, then you can do so here.

Regular readers will know that when I left you last time we were in the excellent Shubie Campground in Dartmouth which is part of the Halifax Regional Municipality (what a mouthful) and had enjoyed a wonderful day of sightseeing in that fine city but we knew there was still much more to see and so another day was called for there.

If you’d like to see what we got up to then please read on.

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