Macon? Never heard of it, let’s go.

A last look at lovely Dijon. I do love that place.

The 7th May arrived, a Sunday. I had decided I was going to move as I was in imminent danger of falling foul of what I term “travel inertia” which constantly manages to creep up on me. As I believe I have mentioned previously in this blog I went to Dumaguete City in the Philippines for two or three days back in 2012 and was still there five months later! In truth, it caught up with me later in Rome but that is a long way down the track in this saga. Hopefully I’ll get to it sooner or later. Continue reading “Macon? Never heard of it, let’s go.”

Mussels? Here?

The 6th of May was again spent mostly just meandering about fairly aimlessly and enjoying the sights of Dijon, a city I did find rather pleasing on the eye. Certainly, I had scored my mustard (my main, if slightly idiotic reason for going there) but the rest was very much in the lap of the Gods. Continue reading “Mussels? Here?”

Night of the 4th of May revisited.

After the excellent repast of the previous evening (I am still salivating thinking of that boeuf Bourgignon!), I had a bit of a lie in on the morning of the 5th of May and awoke to a day that was much more climatically suited to me. Certainly it was not stunningly hot but at least it was dry and you could see the sun.

Perhaps somewhat oddly I still had the Al Stewart song “Night of the 4th of May” as an earworm.  If you have happened upon this page randomly then please see the previous entry for an explanation of this. Continue reading “Night of the 4th of May revisited.”

Where did Al Stewart come from?

As I have explained in earlier entries in this series I was rapidly losing track of time and  sometimes awoke wondering what country I was even in.  It was therefore something of a surprise to find that shortly after waking on this day the Al Stewart song “Night of the 4th of May” bounced into my head in what I believe is called an earworm.  It must have been something subliminal like seeing the date on the TV news but it was no problem as I simply love Al as an artist and have something like 17 of his albums in various formats.  Whilst I do like his later offerings my favourites remain the earlier stuff most of which were written and released before I ever became a teenager or picked up a guitar. Continue reading “Where did Al Stewart come from?”

Another day in Dijon.

2nd May.

The 2nd May was really a day of doing rather little as the weather sort of precluded doing very much, it was tipping down with rain and so, after a very decent lie-in in the wonderful apartment I was staying in, I did not really stray too far. Remember that I was travelling with absolutely minimal kit and I did not even possess anything vaguely approaching being showerproof never mind properly waterproof. My sole outer garment was and old, much-loved and now slightly tatty Ben Sherman denim jacket purchased as new from a charity shop in Northern Ireland some years ago for the ludicrous price of £4! Continue reading “Another day in Dijon.”

Ever see a beautiful gargoyle?

Another one of my gallery entries here and this one refers to the Eglise de Notre-Dame in Dijon which is a superb building and which I hope you have read about in the main blogpost for this day.  I honestly believe that if grandeur was the sole criterion for being a Cathedral then this building would be.  See what you think. Continue reading “Ever see a beautiful gargoyle?”

Another month, another place and two new travel ideas.

Yes, this was all I had and most of that was computer stuff!

The next day dawned with a well rested Fergy and brought with it not only a new month but also the Mayday public holiday which I had totally forgotten about so most places were closed. I had decided that I was going to go to Dijon for no better reason than I wanted to buy some mustard to send home to my foodie friend. Honestly, I am not joking. I did eventually manage to purchase said delicacy but I never got round to posting it and at time of writing in July 2018 it is still sitting in my London flat awaiting delivery!

Even after all these years I still keep discovering new ways to travel and this was one such day as I had my first experience of carpooling. It had happened quite randomly as I was searching on the rather useful Rome2Rio website for my potential options and carpooling was one suggested. I must say that whilst I had obviously heard of the concept before I had never really considered it but it looked like a very cost-effective option, being just a touch more expensive than a bus and far, far cheaper than the train so I thought I’d give it a go. Continue reading “Another month, another place and two new travel ideas.”