The technical bit – London LOOP 18.

Hello again, folks and you are probably wondering what I am doing here if you have been following my rambles round the London LOOP. I’d finished it, hadn’t I? You had read in the last episode how I had walked into Uxbridge to the bridge on the Oxford Road and thereby completed the 152 mile circuit. so what am I doing back?

Well, don’t panic, I am not going to start out and walk the whole thing again, you will undoubtedly be glad to know. As promised I am going to have a little round-up here to provide a few hopefully useful internet resources and a few tips gleaned from personal experience to any reader who may be considering doing some or all of it. There is no actual walking done here, so if you feel like skipping by to some other page, please feel free. If you do wish to have a look, you know what to do, just press the “read more” button.

Hello again and thanks for jumping in. I am guessing from the fact that you are here that you may have an interest in walking at least part of the London LOOP and that is great but first a

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