Brief and to the point.

Here we go again.

After the lengthy entry for the 16th June and the wonderful soapbox Derby, I promised you a much shorter entry for today which is Sunday 17th and here it is.

I have noticed that there are three staples in my daily entries here, two of which are top of the list of conversational subjects in my local pub and one of which is of absolutely no interest to anyone but has become a bit of a ritual here and which amuses me. Respectively they are the weather, the football (soccer) World Cup and my breakfast!  I think I should construct some sort of template to present them all.

Here then is the story of the day.

Weather – lousy. Cold, overcast and blowy

Football – a day of surprises. Costa Rica went down to Serbia 1 – 0 which wasn’t a shock but not many people would have predicted Mexico defeating Germany by the same scoreline. Germany are consistently good at World Cup finals and are the current holders. Perhaps the greatest shock was the failure of Brazil, perennial favourites and winners of most World Cups, to overcome Switzerland with the match ending 1 – 1. Switzerland do not have any real world class superstars but they kept to their system and took a point off a Brazil side that were frankly not at their sparkling best.

Breakfast was another Ulster Fry, albeit the diet version as the sole image for the day attests. I know I don’t have to post a picture of every fry-up I cook and eat but it just makes me smilefor some odd reason and also it will prove to those people who give off to me with the best intentions about not eating enough that I really am. I don’t know what it is about being here but I am eating well and sleeping soundly so all is good on the Fergy front.

Tandragee is a lovely little village but it is hardly the most exciting place on the planet and often I get bored when I visit for more than a few days but it really has not happened this time round. Between helping to look after my Dad, keeping this blog which is time consuming, ploughing my way through a succession of good books and a couple of hours in the pub with my friends of an evening the day soon fills up.

The evening was spent in the pub with friends for a couple of hours and “the craic” was great as it always is in the Monty

There you are, I told you it would be a short entry today and it was.

Stay tuned and spread the word.

Author: Fergy.

Hello there and welcome to my blog which is the last attempt of a retiree and child of the 50's to overcome advanced technophobia and create a memoir of my rambles having had three commercial travel blog sites pulled from under me in just over a year. A learning curve like Everest! I am rapidly approaching a senior citizen bus pass and realistically I have more days independent travelling behind me than before so I intend to "do it while I still can" and am trying to cram in as much as I can now. Apart from travelling, I love playing music (guitar, vocals and a bit of percussion) as the profile pic suggests and sport, although my active participation is now restricted to the very occasional game of pool. I read voraciously, probably a legacy from my dear late Mother who was a librarian and encouraged me towards books from an early age. I'll read just about anything although I do have a particular interest in military history of all periods. I live alone in fairly central London where I have been for over 30 years since leaving Northern Ireland which was the place of my birth, youth and early manhood. Partially by necessity although more by love of the art I adore cooking and I can and do read recipe books and watch food programmes on TV / online all day. Nothing fancy and none of your nouvelle cuisine nonsense, just hopefully tasty, proper food. To my knowledge, I have not poisoned anyone yet! No doubt other little personal facts about me will emerge during the course of my writings here so stay tuned if you are at all interested.

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