This is the place to start – a site log.

Good day one and all and thank you so much for visiting my site here about my various travels both near and far and my musings on just about everything.  If you wish to read my latest entries please go to the one immediately below this and work back as they go in reverse order (most recent to oldest) from there.  Alternatively, if you wish to search for something in particular then please use the search panel in the upper right corner.

I have owned this site since January 2018 and have been working very hard trying to resurrect writings from long ago which were previously on other websites.

Eventually I have worked out how to pin (I believe that is the techie term) this page so it remains at the top of my list of entries. I have decided that the only way for me to keep any vague semblance of order is to backdate the entries of my various trips to the relevant dates which may make them hard to find and so I am creating this page to assist you – hopefully! I shall keep you informed below of completed travelogues and those under construction.  Please do read on for the latest offerings.

UPDATE 13th April 2020.

Like so many others in the world now I am under virtual house arrest due to emergency regulations to attempt to combat the appalling CoVid-19 pandemic that is ravaging the planet at present.  In an attempt to retain what little is left of my sanity I have been working away here day and night (literally) to transfer some of my old content from elsewhere and try and catch up on what is a monumental backlog so here are my latest offerings.

A few months back I completed publishing a trip to Northumberland in October and November 2019 where I played a few gigs and did a bit of exploring in Newcastle, Sunderland and Berwick-upon-Tweed.  If you would care to have a look, it is all here for you.

I have also started writing about various footpaths / trails / walks I have been undertaking in and around London.  The first of these was a two day affair following the course of the River Wandle and you can read about it here.

I have also  walked the first section of the Essex Way between Epping and Ongar and that begins here..  I actually walked it twice for reasons which may amuse you.

I have also nearly completed the Jubilee  Greenway, a 60 kilometre circular path beginning and ending at Buckingham Palace and that begins here.  Sadly, the last day of that walk is on indefinite hold now.

My latest rather huge project is the 150+ mile orbital designated path round London known as the London LOOP and you can read that from the beginning here. I think that is me about up to date now so please do have a look if you are also sitting at home with nothing else to do.

ORIGINAL POST (posted some time ago).

Firstly, I did write for a while for a decent website called which I know is much used by travel bloggers. If you want a look at what was admittedly not a very user friendly site but looks like not being killed off any time soon, then here is a link to my pages there. They deal mainly with my trip to the Philippines in 2012 but also with an earlier trip round SE Asia which happened to coincide with my 50th birthday shortly after I retired. There is also the beginnings of a piece on a month I spent in Malta but which I never really finished there and so it has been migrated  here (see below).

If you want to know about rather unusual trip which happened in 2017 when I went to meet a friend for four days (having packed accordingly) in the Southern part of the Netherlands and flew home from Rome eight countries and over three months later then look here.

If you want to know about one of the least known parts of the British Isles, the remote and very beautiful Lundy Island, then this is where you want to start.

If you are interested in yet another trip that took rather longer than expected then have a look at my 2018 excursion back home to Northern Ireland which is detailed here.  A week for a family reunion turned into two and a half months but that is just the way I am.

If you love narrowboats and the British canal system as I do or more specifically the West Yorkshire canal / river navigation system then you may wish to have a look at this series of entries.

As I mentioned above I started a blog on my trip to Malta in the blogspot site but I left there before it was finished so it has been move to this site and this is the place to begin. 

My 2019 annual Pilgrimage to the Broadstairs Folk Week turned into a bit of an adventure for all sorts of reasons and you can find out all about it my series of posts which begins here.

After that, I am very much in your hands. I have three extended trips to Canada to write up, three to Sri Lanka, another couple to Northern Ireland and a few to Scotland. I have a month on Madeira to tell you about, trips to Greece, Portugal and Cyprus and many other adventures besides. If you have anything you would like to read about, please tell me. It is all the same to me which order I compose and publish them, it will all take time but this really is my last chance at writing online. If this one goes wrong then I am out of here.

Perhaps Burma, Lao or Cambodia are you your liking or maybe a great trip through a couple of the former Yogoslav Republics (Serbia and Macedonia) with some dear friends plus the briefest of side trips to Albania. Honestly, I was there for 15 hours, border to airport via Tirana. Imagine visiting a particularly secretive country where you never had a penny of the local currency in your pocket, did not speak a word of the local language and still got where you needed to be. That was Albania, proper “flying by the seat of my pants” travel and I loved it, I must go back some day.  Please get in touch if there is anything you would particularly like to read about and I shall certainly prioritise it.

Right, so much to do and time I got back to work so, as always, stay tuned and spread the word.

Author: Fergy.

Hello there and welcome to my blog which is the last attempt of a retiree and child of the 50's to overcome advanced technophobia and create a memoir of my rambles having had three commercial travel blog sites pulled from under me in just over a year. A learning curve like Everest! I am rapidly approaching a senior citizen bus pass and realistically I have more days independent travelling behind me than before so I intend to "do it while I still can" and am trying to cram in as much as I can now. Apart from travelling, I love playing music (guitar, vocals and a bit of percussion) as the profile pic suggests and sport, although my active participation is now restricted to the very occasional game of pool. I read voraciously, probably a legacy from my dear late Mother who was a librarian and encouraged me towards books from an early age. I'll read just about anything although I do have a particular interest in military history of all periods. I live alone in fairly central London where I have been for over 30 years since leaving Northern Ireland which was the place of my birth, youth and early manhood. Partially by necessity although more by love of the art I adore cooking and I can and do read recipe books and watch food programmes on TV / online all day. Nothing fancy and none of your nouvelle cuisine nonsense, just hopefully tasty, proper food. To my knowledge, I have not poisoned anyone yet! No doubt other little personal facts about me will emerge during the course of my writings here so stay tuned if you are at all interested.

9 thoughts on “This is the place to start – a site log.”

    1. Thank you so much, Saania.

      I guessed from the double “aa” in your name that you were probably Finnish as the Finns do like their vowels!

      I spend a lot of time putting these posts together and it is always really pleasing to know that anyone even reads it.


  1. Hey Fergy! Thanks for all the love on our blog. You seem to keep yourself super busy with all your travels! We’re excited to read all about your travel stories that are currently “under construction.” We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on your page! – Rose & Adam

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, I am fortunate enough to have retired just shy of my 50th birthday and have been travelling a lot since then although I did as much as work commitments permitted prior to that.

      My problem is always keeping the blog up especially as I have so much to transfer from elsewhere. I might get there someday but frankly I doubt it.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello again Marissa, that is just the tip of the iceberg. I have so much other content to catch up on from other now defunct sites never mind current travels (I am writing this away from home) that I think it would take me at least another lifetime to even make a dent in it. I’ll just keep plodding along.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for checking out some (lots) of my blogs Fergy. You deserve a medal. I shall be following your rambles with interest, as I always did 🙂


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