Lock-Down diaries #11. Legs 11 (plus One)!

Royal London Hospital


Hello again to all of you and it is good to be back. The day I posted my “comeback” entry after my three month hiatus I had no less than 102 visitors from 15 countries which does not sound terribly impressive when some people get thousands of views­ per hour but it is easily my biggest daily total ever so thanks to each and every one of you.­­­­ I was pretty amazed when I checked the morning after, indeed my flabber has never been go gasted or should that be my gast has never been so flabbered, who knows? Who cares?

A quick word of explanation as to the title here. I originally composed the majority of this piece a very long time ago and it was destined to be Lock-down Dairies #11 but my last effort has rendered it #12 which ordinarily would not be a problem except that the first dozen or so paragraphs refer to the game of bingo which took me hours to research and I am damned if I am going to let them go to waste!

If you wish to know what a bingo call has to do with my health situation as of July 2020 you know what to do, just click the “read more” button below and you’ll be most welcome.
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