Full Circle – London LOOP 17.

Hello dear readers and thanks for checking out yet another episode of my walk round the London LOOP orbital path. If you’ve been reading the previous posts then just skip down to the read more button as the next paragraph is merely a cut and paste of an earlier one for the benefit of readers who may have just landed here. You know the drill by now.

The London LOOP is a little over 150 miles of designated and way-marked public right of way which is just concentric to the M25 motorway and as always I start with a quick word of advice. This post is one of a series and it will make more sense if you start at the beginning to discover what lunacy had compelled me to undertake such a large project

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Looping the Loop – London LOOP 1.

Hello again, dear readers and welcome to another series of posts about a little (actually fairly large) project I undertook some years ago (I started it in May 2013) in walking a 150+ mile designated Long Distance Footpath (LDP) and at no point of which was I more than 15 miles from my own front door. Clever stuff, eh?

I am writing all this in April 2020 when I am, like all other Britons and about half the developed world, effectively under house arrest as a result of the apocalyptic CoVid-19 virus which is decimating the planet in a pandemic of Bibilcal proportions. It is like something out of a sci-fi novel but the sad truth is that it is actually happening.

I have some notes available as I shall explain in a moment, all my images and more than usual time on my hands as I cannot go anywhere.  This is a project I have wanted to add to my site here for some time and now seems like the perfect opportunity. If you are reading this as the epidemic is still raging and want a little light relief or if you are reading this years from now and we haven’t all been wiped out, thank you and I’d like to invite you to come for a walk with me. No need to get your boots, you can do it all from the comfort of your chair. Let’s go.
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