March to the Marche (Market).

My first foray into publishing a gallery seems to have gone OK so I shall push my luck here and attempt another, this one dealing with the superb Central Market in Nancy.  Again, no text and minimal captions but I do hope you enjoy the images. Continue reading “March to the Marche (Market).”

I become ludicrously French.

I tried to get arty in the morning. My hotel.

The morning of the 28th April arrived thankfully rather more pleasantly than the previous day had ended as at least it was not raining. Time for me to go for a walk then as I do like to do.


I had seen a covered market near where I was staying and decided that would be good for a look round. I am completely drawn to markets and this one proved to be an absolute beauty albeit with the rather prosaic name of Marche Central. Continue reading “I become ludicrously French.”