Back on the road (just).

Hello again and welcome to the sixth instalment of a series of posts about my Summer 2014 roadtrip around the Maritime Provinces of Canada with my dear friend Lynne in a very old campervan / RV. You may wish to read it from the beginning.

My regular readers will undoubtedly be glad to note that I have managed to abridge my usual intro down to two sentences now!

We woke on the morning of the 23rd June to another glorious day, unexpectedly back in the excellent Dunromin’ campground in Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia which was certainly no hardship as it is superb.

The reason our stay was unexpected was that we had intended to move on the day before but had become so waylaid with the myriad historical sites in Granville Ferry and nearby Annapolis Royal without seeing them all that we decided to give it another day.

If you’d care to join us you would be more than welcome.

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We don’t get very far.

Hello again everyone and welcome to another episode in my journal regarding a road-trip I made with my friend Lynne around the Maritime Provinces of Canada in the early summer of 2014. We were in an agéd but remarkably comfortable campervan / RV called Betsy and if you want to read the whole tale from the beginning then just click on this link.

If you have read the preceeding entries you will know that we had spent the first night of our little adventure in a campground in Granville Ferry called Dunromin’, which is an awful name, although probably toungue in cheek (I hope) but is a great place to spend a night. A quick glance out the window showed that it was a glorious day and we had nothing planned so what to do with it? If you wish to know, then please read on.

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