Campbell’s Cove to Charlottetown.

Hello once again and my usual warm welcome to readers both old and new. Having made one of my infrequent trip to visit my stats I find that I have garnered a new reader from Trinidsad and Tobago, which I know translates as Holy Trinity and tobacco of all things so welcome to you Mr. / Mrs or Miss T&T.

At my age I still find it amazing that people from all over the globe read these idiotic musings of mine, it certainly is a matter for cosideration that people from places I will never see have seen fit to read about my various rambles around the world. It is a humbling experience.

Back now to my latest little excursion on this blog and my trip round the Maritime Provinces of Canada which you can read about from the beginning here.

I was in an aged campervan / RV which we had decided to call Betsy, in company with my dear Canadian friend Lynne, in the rather chaotic summer of 2014 where we had already survived an unseasonally hurricane and the weather was much less than brilliant so if you want to know what happens next, please read on.

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