Won’t you come down to Yarmouth Town?

Hello again dear readers and welcome once again to this edition in my series of the story of a journey around the Maritime Provinces of Canada in a very old campervan / RV with my dear friend Lynne. As always, my advice is that if you wish to learn the whole story you should start here.

If you have read through, you will know that we had landed up in Yarmouth, Yarmouth Town as I rather tunelessly sung along to when I had touched down in Halifax and was finally on the road with Lynne, my travel buddy for this trip. It is a lovely rendition of an old song, somewhat ruined by my accompaniment but performed excellently by my late and dear friend Nick Clyne and his band.

If you want to know how we fared then please read on.

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Back on the road (just).

Hello again and welcome to the sixth instalment of a series of posts about my Summer 2014 roadtrip around the Maritime Provinces of Canada with my dear friend Lynne in a very old campervan / RV. You may wish to read it from the beginning.

My regular readers will undoubtedly be glad to note that I have managed to abridge my usual intro down to two sentences now!

We woke on the morning of the 23rd June to another glorious day, unexpectedly back in the excellent Dunromin’ campground in Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia which was certainly no hardship as it is superb.

The reason our stay was unexpected was that we had intended to move on the day before but had become so waylaid with the myriad historical sites in Granville Ferry and nearby Annapolis Royal without seeing them all that we decided to give it another day.

If you’d care to join us you would be more than welcome.

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We don’t get very far.

Hello again everyone and welcome to another episode in my journal regarding a road-trip I made with my friend Lynne around the Maritime Provinces of Canada in the early summer of 2014. We were in an agéd but remarkably comfortable campervan / RV called Betsy and if you want to read the whole tale from the beginning then just click on this link.

If you have read the preceeding entries you will know that we had spent the first night of our little adventure in a campground in Granville Ferry called Dunromin’, which is an awful name, although probably toungue in cheek (I hope) but is a great place to spend a night. A quick glance out the window showed that it was a glorious day and we had nothing planned so what to do with it? If you wish to know, then please read on.

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We launch Betsy.

Greetings once again to one and all and my customary greetings which I assure you are not mere platitudes, I really do appreciate all the lovely comments.

This is followed close on the heels by my usual little spiel for the benefit of those who may have arrived on this page by some odd route which I know must infuriate the usual band of suspects who inhabit this site.

What follows is a post regarding a roadtrip I went on in the alleged summer of 2014 in the Maritime Provinces of Canada and I say alleged because I had arrived in what was virtually a monsoon and there was much, much worse to come, believe me. It will make a lot more sense if you read the whole story from the beginning which you can do here and if you have any interest in what happens next then please read on.

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Hit the road, Jack (Fergy in this case).

In the last instalment I had promised you to do a post on the joys of campervanning. Perhaps that should read threatened rather than promised! Whatever way you came here, either by accident or design, welcome to this third instalment in my series concerning my 2014 trip to the Canadian Maritime Provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

If you are interested, please read on.

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Three wheels on my wagon?

Hello everyone, or perhaps I should say, “Bonjour á tous” (I think) as this is my second post in the series about my wonderful visit to Canada in 2014 and that country is officially bi-lingual in English and French, not to mention the numerous indigenous languages still in existence.

If you have not read the first part of the series and would like to then just go to the previous post button at the bottom of this one. If you’d like to find out what the slightly odd title of this post is all about, then please read on.

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Here we go again!

Hello one and all and welcome to my latest little escapade here in the blogosphere, as I believe it is called by those who know about such things, which is my attempt to keep myself from going even further insane during this pandemic.

Apart from that very valid reason, I have explained in my previous post several others why I chose this particular trip instead of a number of different adventures I could have written about but we are off to Canada as you have probably guessed from the image above.

Canada is a vast country, just shy of 10 million km² so I’ll narrow it down for you. This little ramble is to what are called the Maritime Provinces (guess why!) of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island or NS, NB and PEI as Canadians refer to them when writing.

If you fancy six weeks in that stunningly beautiful part of the world then please read on.

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